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I remember South Florida in the 1980′s like this; Christo surrounding Biscayne Bay islands in pink mesh, a glitzy TV show called Miami Vice and the arrival of the Cocaine Cowboys. Machine gun fights happened, cash flowed and Miami sizzled with excitement. As a fledgling artist I entered the Banyan Festival Poster Contest and won. The poster, a local scene, was displayed in every business in Coconut Grove. It sold out. The following year I won the contest with another local scene. That poster sold out. People loved seeing places they knew. Suddenly I was creating art for environmental education, hurricane relief, art festivals, T-shirts, food labels, magazine, book and telephone book covers. I was the youngest artist nominated to the Florida Artist Hall of Fame.

in 1992 came Hurricane Andrew and our world blew away. I realized I needed a sturdier home. Within a year I moved into an old Spanish home in North Coconut Grove.  The only thing missing was Wooky.  In dog years he was old and now he was gone. I began hiding his face in my paintings.

One person can create a painting, but it takes a village to create an artist. I’m filled with gratitude for the people and galleries who have worked with me, given encouragement, shared knowledge, and collected my art. Words cannot convey what that loyalty means.  Thank you for making my ordinary life extraordinary.