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Ruben Chamizo, born in Ranchuelo, Las Villas, Cuba, came to the United States at17 years of age in 1961 and settled in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Chamizo’s gift of the arts was evident at an early age. While in High School his talents were recognized at the United Nations Poster Contest by receiving, consecutively, second and first place prizes for his work. He continued to paint as a hobby during the years he lived in New York and later in Miami.

Chamizo has embraced painting with extreme vigor and enthusiasm, especially during the last 10 years, initiating and propelling art galleries to exhibit his and/or other artists’ work since 2007. He has participated in various Multi-Artist exhibitions in Little Havana and Coral Gables Gallery Nights as well as other art showcases in the city, Fund Raising events, and Art Festivals. Some of his paint- ings were shown at MAC (Miami Art Central) and at George Miret Salon’s Gallery. “Chamizo Art Gallery” in the Gables, debuted in June 2009 with a solo exhibition of his work. The following months, during that year, he continued to exhibit alongside other local guest artists. Chamizo’s paintings have consistently re-sonated well with private collectors in Miami, who have been drawn to his work. The exhibit: “World of the Seas” at Olazabal, provided us, once again, with an avenue to continue enjoying his awesome art. The collection “In the Garden” is being exhibited presently at Olazabal in Coral Gables, Florida.

Chamizo’s work is a culmination of his own personal interests and heritage. His interest lies in the world of nature and fantasy, marked by a surrealistic current that pervades his art. Ruben has stated “I am driven by a creative force that compels me to take from the real into the unreal, to experiment with textures and colors, to create a world that is not really there but which I make to exist. I paint different subjects or themes, whatever provokes my whim. I don’t pursue a style; I just paint what comes natural.”

Miguel Fernández Martínez, former Diario de Las Americas art critic, coincides with the artist statements and added: “Ruben’s painting is a mixture of spiritual-ity and spontaneous trends pouring out of unpredictable moments,” and “his mark is unmistakably his, a mixture of primitivism and innocence… a true, original and genuine artist.”