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Daybreak, the morning of 9/11, found Therisa Stack on board a Delta flight heading north when unforgettable tragedy struck us all. “Being stranded in Atlanta for three days involved some serious soul searching.” Therisa was already an accomplished and widely published professional photographer but as events of 9/11 unfolded on T.V. a shattering realization hit. “Life is short and

I became determined to experience and tackle goals that I had always wanted to achieve. One of those was painting. When I made my way back to the Florida Keys I immediately enrolled in art classes and consumed every book on the subject that I could get my hands on.”

Soon, Therisa’s Tavernier home swelled with easels, canvas, oil and acrylic paints while she pursed her labor of love; creating while learning and honoring her craft. Blessed with a natural talent for composition she explored new media and continued to enroll in art classes and workshops. Art shows and commissioned works followed.

Finally, upon attending a mixed media workshop in Stuart, Florida last February, Therisa felt she had found her goal. “I was still searching for a style that satisfied my creative urges. Now it’s like therapy when I paint! I’m completely at ease while concept evolves to creation.”