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S L Waldon was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA and has lived most of her life in Southern Florida, USA. She was taught the value of art and creativity from an early age and soon discovered a passion for painting. The complex curves of nature are her inspiration, the sunlit expanse of the tropics her pallet.

Focusing on the natural world and the abundance of inspiration around her, she uses her paintings to tell the tale. Taking brush in hand, with faith as her guide, she plunges into the creation of simple images, capturing everyday miracles in amazing detail. Her style is traditionally representational and closely focused on the given subject with a precise concentration to the intricate.

The caliber of artwork by SL Waldon has been described by juries as ‘museum quality’. When working in Watercolor or Water Media she enjoys the challenges of illustrating 3 dimensional subjects in 2 dimensions using a translucent medium. She also works in Acrylic, Pen & Ink, Pencil, and Charcoal. This accomplished artist wishes to share her work as an inspiration to others to reach for excellence in everything they do. Her art reflects an extraordinary power of observation, an appreciation of color and light, and a demonstration of sensitivity in every stroke.

“All of my pieces have a story to tell.  They are ‘Islands Of Time’ set apart in a tangible way. They are meant to remind the viewer of  how God  blesses us in these ‘Islands Of  Time’….” SL Waldon